Monday, July 6, 2009

What to paint the living room?

I live in a 19th century brownstone on the ground floor, which makes for charming living, as well as a complete lack of sunlight and strange room configurations due to the railroad track orientation of the apartment. I've avoided painting for a few years, but now that we've committed to being here for at least 3 more, I can't push it off any longer.

The challenge: the living room is dark and the ceiling is low. There is barely any natural light, and it opens into the kitchen, as well as the office, so there is only 1 open wall space that isn't interrupted by a door or the kitchen pass through window. It's the main room in the house, where you walk in first from the hallway, so I'd like it to create a better impression than it does now. I've been thinking for a while about some pale nude color, but they all seem to look beige. I did a cursory search and found this discussion on, which really helped steer me in the direction of a historic yellow.

I've checked out Benjamin Moore, and he's got some good stuff. The question is, which color? Hawthorne Yellow? Windham Cream? Marblehead Gold? I'm taking votes.


  1. I vote for the yellow that you brought home last night. Or a giant flaming eagle skull.

  2. I like the first two best. What did you decide on?

  3. I like the yellows - the cream is too blah.

  4. The painting is on hold for a moment, due to the GMAT. But I promise to update on this in August!