Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love Katy Elliot!

A few years ago, I tried starting a blog, but then deleted it and never went back. Until....I found Katy Elliot's blog and totally fell in love with her! She inspired me to finally paint my Brooklyn apartment (ok, not done yet, not even started...but the intention is there!) and finally transition from young professional, no longer post-college apartment to full blown just married adult (we're not in kid phase yet, so I don't feel like a 100% adult yet).

So she has all these interesting posts about renovating her historic house in Marblehead (which I love, as a native Masshole). And the other day, she posted this recipe for penne with swiss chard and sausage, which I cooked tonight.

It was great, but I'd add 1 or two more tablespoons of tomato paste and nix the swiss chard stems (sort of bitter and too crunchy, although husband JD said he liked the crunch). Not that hard--def worth trying!

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