Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thomas Paul Sealife Melamine Plates

I saw these for the first time in the window of a store in Provincetown, MA. It was late at night, so I couldn't dart in and grab them up. I thought that they were lost to me forever until I saw the side plates at Haystack, a fancy, overpriced little store down the street from me. They only had 3 of the side plates and I really wanted the one with the seahorse on it. After a google search, I found them at Gracious Home and Utilities Home, for cheaper. The Thomas Paul site is also fun to browse, and could start a shopping itch if you're looking for some fun pillows...


  1. Great find..
    Did you get the 4.5, 9, or 11"
    If only google could find the trench coat!!

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