Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rehabbing the bathroom, contd.

I've been really delinquent in my blog posts due to marathon training and just overall computer malaise. Aside from all the running, I've still be obsessed with rehabbing the bathroom and finding a shower curtain that I like. It sounds crazy, but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a white shower curtain that has some nice detail but still looks clean. I long ago gave up my dreams of finding a gray shower curtain. The idea was to get a pinstripe gray shower curtain to go with the gray towels by Marimekko that I liked from Crate and Barrel. JD and I found a cheap gray bathmat at IKEA that would tie everything together....except that no such shower curtain exists. So I gave up on gray, and decided to go white because the towels and bathmat would bring in enough gray. I loved this one from Pottery Barn becuse it had the tuxedo details, but it was too expensive. So I finally relented and just got a nice terrycloth check showercurtain from a local store, Home and Haven, on Smith Street.

I also got these frenchie bath accessories that I had been lusting after for over a year.

The bathroom is finally coming together! Now all I'm waiting on are some black and white water themed photos that I printed from Here's a taste...complete finished product to come soon!

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